Sunday, April 8, 2012


Our son, Everett James, was born on February 26, 2012, after the sudden onset of pregnancy induced hypertension. There is a bit of irony in his induction due to high blood pressure given that the stress level at the end of this pregnancy wasn't anywhere close to that during the final month of pregnancy after the fire.

When we loaded him in the car upon discharge, I was giddy. I have waited nearly four years to experience the moment of bringing my child HOME, home to the house I expected they would live in, home to the room I had so carefully planned, painted, arranged. To those who have never experienced the loss of a home, this might seem odd. Of course I got to bring Kellen home. We had a roof over our head, and a few months later we moved home. But it wasn't nearly the same, and the moment we pulled into our driveway as a family of four is a moment I will hold close for the entirety of my life. I couldn't have appreciated that moment in that way without the experience of the fire. I cried. Home.