Monday, July 4, 2011

30 before 30

I meant to post this yesterday for my 29th birthday, but instead, I spent a great day with family and friends.  Happy birthday to me anyway :-)  I've always wanted to be 30, so really, I'm not all that disturbed by the coming year.  This is my list of what I want to accomplish in the next year (which doesn't include blogging everyday because we all know how well that worked out).

1.Launch the Life After the Fire site (pretty sure this was on the list last year, but we should have it up this month).

2. File 501(c)(3) paperwork for Life After the Fire so that we can fundraise to assist other families in rebuilding their hearts and homes after a fire. The paperwork is crazy, just in case you were wondering!

3. Submit 3 essays to anthologies or newspapers.  Even if they aren't published, it's important to keep submitting.

4. Finish my shadow box with things left from the fire (there's not much) and hang it in my living room.

5. Finish painting Kellen's bookcase- I started it over a year ago.

6. Launch our business website.

7. Secure 15 clients by the end of the year.

8. Remember to not overdo it and to continue to rest as needed.

9. Take Vitamin D everyday; my levels are a bit low.

10. Attend 2 business related conferences... and make friends while I'm there.

11. Remember when I said I was going to try to send out cards, actual physical cards, every week?  Well, I didn't even send one.  I really want to revisit this and send more cards.  Let's set a goal of 12 this year that are "Just Because."

12. Actually get the photos for HGTV taken.  This has been a nightmare.

13. Try to be kinder about criticism while still honoring my need to be direct.

14. Spend more time in my real life and not in the virtual one.  It's hard to do when you work online, but it's important.

15. Cook more meals.

16. Create a blogging schedule for this blog and Mommy in Chief... and STICK TO IT!

17. Read more books.

18. Channel my son's smile in the midst of his tantrums (this will be the hardest to achieve by far).

19. Read and comment on more blogs.

20. Learn to cross-country ski.

21. Make a decision about completing our family.

22. Finish Kellen's second year in his scrapbook.

23. Continue cleaning out the house of things that we no longer need.

24. Celebrate how far we've come since the fire.

25. Tell my friends and family (more often) how much they mean to me.

26. Try to find the beauty in each day, even when I don't feel like it.  Especially when I don't feel like it.

27. Accept the limitations of my health... and be ok with the frustrations that come with that acceptance.

28. Go camping once with my family without stressing out about the open flame.

29. Allow myself to just be.

30. Journal more... just for myself.

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