Saturday, June 18, 2011

Triumph over Tragedy?

It's photo shoot day for the HGTV magazine feature about our rebuild (which I am really excited about!).  My story will be in the October issue (the very first!) of the magazine.

In the instructions to the photographer, the editor mentioned "triumph over tragedy" which got me thinking.  Is it really? Have I triumphed?

It has become evident to me in the past three years that we, as a collective people, do not handle true emotions (particularly of others) all that well.  Even in those first few days after the fire, when I would think grief would be the expected reaction, we were lauded when we could see the "good" in the situation.  That Thanksgiving, the news did a story on us talking about all the things we were thankful for.  I guess the message was that if even we could find something to give thanks for, anyone could.  But in reality, I didn't feel all that thankful at all.

There was something about that message of triumph over tragedy that struck me the same way this week.  Yes, we rebuilt.  Life went on.  What other choice did we have?  Maybe I'm too hard on myself and am splitting hairs over the meaning on the word "triumph."  I just don't feel triumphant.

We survived.  To me, that's enough.

(I know I didn't post yesterday.  We had the golf tournament all day and then threw a surprise party for my friend, and in the end, I chose sleep and my health over the blog.  But I'm still trying to post everyday until my birthday!)

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