Thursday, June 9, 2011

Normal! Day

I admit this post is a total cop-out... but I haven't had time to post because I've had a normal, really full day.  Hell, I've had what feels like a pretty normal week.  It's been so long since I've been able to handle this kind of workload, though I do need to remember to take breaks so I don't overdo it.

I got up this morning for my weekly massage neck torture.  This has become a part of my treatment to deal with the dizziness.  My head is still sore, but it helps, so I go!

I hurriedly drove to our new office for my teleconference with the company handling our payroll.  Thankfully that was a quicker meeting than expected.

I then spent the day fighting with the internet connection, reviewing logos, talking with our insurance agent about liability insurance, and generally geeking out on business to-dos.

I came home after giving up on the internet connection (we are sharing an office and are waiting on our own wireless connection!).  I emailed with the photographer doing our HGTV photoshoot, changed into clothes for the gym, and picked up Kellen from school, where all the 2 year olds went through their daily routine of calling me a spider.  We went to the park at the elementary school nearby where Kellen splashed into a puddle on the slide, soaking his pants. Dan took Kellen home, and I went to the gym.

I came home, packed Kellen up, and we went to my dad's for the evening.  Kellen only threw two or three major fits, but for the most part he was good and played dragon cave and found a doggie on a string to pull around.

It might sound tedious to write about.  But really, surviving days like this makes me happy.  I might still get tired.  I certainly still have dizzy spells.  And I misspell words far more frequently than I care to admit (to myself), but it's a sign of improvement.  I feel normal.

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