Thursday, June 23, 2011

National Pink Day

How did I not know today was National Pink Day?

I love pink, so much so that I think my mom was worried when I registered for wedding gifts my house would become its own Mary Kay lady hell.  (To be clear, light pink has never been my thing.  The bolder, the pinker, the better.)

I try to keep my pink love in check.  The walls of our house are beige; the kitchen plates are dark purple; the living room walls are olive green.  But my office?  Pink!  I learned quickly that if you want a pink rug as an adult, you have to shop at Pottery Barn kids.  And buy junior size scissors.

From my couch, I can see my pink Franklin Covey purse, Pink Garden Tool Bag, and Pink KitchenAid Mixer.  I have a pink laptop bag, and my new favorite shoes are my Born laceups.  I have at least five pink shirts for every season.  And quite frankly I would have a bright pink car if I didn't think it would make the road a little less safe.

I love pink so much that my son has also declared his love for the color, to the point that I'm starting to think that even if I don't have a daughter, I could still get the pink room I have lusted after for the past decade.

I love pink.  And now I love it even more because it has its very own day.

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