Monday, June 13, 2011

Kellen's Lyme test

It is unknown when I contracted Lyme.  Given the way neurologic Lyme presents, though, it is very very likely I had Lyme while pregnant.  I either contracted it when I was pregnant, or I had a dormant infection.  So much is not well understood by the medical community about Lyme Disease, and transmission to a fetus is one of many contentious aspects of this disease.  According to the CDC, Lyme can be transmitted, but it is no big deal with proper antibiotic treatment while pregnant.  Isn't that helpful?!

I've met enough people in the Lyme community who have children who are believed to have contracted the disease in utero to make me have at least some concern about the possibility that Kellen has been exposed.  Knowing what I do about the damage this disease can cause, I believe the proactive route is the best one.

And that's how I found myself sitting in a pediatrician's office (and then the hospital lab) this afternoon waiting for my son's first ever blood draw (and possibly his first memory).  

It was horrible.  The fact that the pediatrician's office decided they couldn't do it was enough to set me off, and then we had to register for a simple blood draw.  And wait.  I got my blood drawn first because I needed a Vitamin D test anyway.  It was the easiest draw I've ever had in my whole life.  I thought the same would be true for Kellen.  Nope.

I restrained him in my lap while the nurse prepped his arm.  And then the screaming began and the flailing and the gagging from the crying.  All the while, the blood slowly trickled into the tube. Two tries... and not enough blood.  I felt like the worst mom ever.  I made him endure this, and we didn't even get enough to make it worthwhile.  And given Kellen's imagination and current fears, I can only imagine this will not bode well for future doctor visits, not to mention we still have to go back.  

This parenting stuff is hard, even when you think you're doing the absolute best thing for your child.

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