Friday, June 10, 2011

Backyard Birds

I never thought I'd be a bird person, especially with two very hyper labs to drive them away.  But after I was down in California watching all the birds my mom attracted to her house, I decided to dive into the expensive act of bird feeding in hopes of seeing some pretty birds.

I had to get a sturdy feeder.  I don't know if you've heard, but apparently we get high winds up here.  We found two good feeders at Zamzows, where we also got our bird food: Bird Lovers Deluxe and Song Bird Mix.  We also added a finch feeder with Nijer seed.  We get at least 30 birds at a time, and surprisingly, they don't seem to mind the dogs.

The sturdy metal feeder with happy little birdies!

 One of our goldfinches.

More happy birds

 A Lazuli Bunting- so pretty!

A house finch

Kellen and I also made some pinecone bird feeders this week, though our birds seem pretty ambivalent.  

Some of the birds nest in late June, so I'm really hoping one decides to nest in our yard, though our trees still aren't that mature, so it might be another few years.

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