Sunday, June 5, 2011

29 in 29

In 29 days, I turn 29.

One of my goals for the next year is to be more regular in posting to my blog, in addition to getting the nonprofit fully operational. We are currently working on 501(3)(c) status. And I'm looking at grants to apply for.  Speaking of, if anyone has experience with grant writing, I'd love some tips!  Because the blog is one of my goals, I wanted to start off with trying to post everyday for (almost) a month.  It's my 29 in 29 challenge.

I'm also ready to announce more publicly that our family will be featured in the first issue of HGTV's magazine, launching this fall.  We are in story writing mode now, and we will be doing a photo shoot later this month.  I'll do a full post on it then!

It's hard to believe I'm almost 29.  Might as well embrace it!

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