Thursday, May 26, 2011

I survived!

We're back in Boise after a long seven weeks (five in California with a two-week break in between). 

I've been asked several times how I'm feeling.  I can hear the hope in others' voices that I'm going to respond, "I'm FANTASTIC!"  I'm still not quite there, but...

I am doing better.  I caught a cold as soon as we got back.  As crazy as it sounds, actually responding to a cold means my immune system is starting to kick in and respond to a virus.  I started work this week at our new office for our new business, which I will share more about in coming weeks, and I've been handling six hour days like someone who doesn't worry about the number of spoons in their pocket.  I'm hopeful that my energy will stay strong.  It's also great to be able to have something else to focus on other than my health and trying to feel better. 

The bad news is I'm still dizzy.  The heavy metal protocol is helping, and I have FAR fewer dizzy days than before.  I'm hopeful that I can eventually reduce this to a very rare occurrence, but at least I am functioning now. 

This has been a long road.  We're almost THREE years from the fire.  But I survived.  Even in the worst of days, I survived. 

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