Friday, February 4, 2011

Oh the wonderful world of rejection

Today's Stats:
Queries sent - 15 (all email)

Form rejections - 4
Rejection but pass on to colleague - 1
Requests for material - 2
Rejection on full proposal - 2 (though one is from an agent who is transitioning out of publishing and no longer taking on new clients, so that's like 2 with an asterisk)

Queries still out on submission - 9

For those writers out there, is AMAZING.  I love that I can keep track of all my submissions and read helpful information about turnaround time.

I got a very helpful rejection from the agent who had my material.  I don't believe in copying personal letters, so I won't do that, but I will say that it is perhaps the nicest way I've ever been rejected before.  The start of the book seems to illicit the most discussion from writing professionals with impassioned proponents on either side: (a) to start the book AT the fire or (b) to start the book before the fire so that the reader is invested in the narrator before everything is lost.  It's this back and forth that has stalled my writing before.  I'm trying to press on despite another mark in the start at the fire column. 

I've revised my query a little bit, and I'm likely going to submit different sample chapters to the next agent. 

I'm also trying to remember that I'm in good company.  There are dozens of stories of very successful authors being rejected over and over (John Grisham rejected by 16 agents for A Time to Kill). 

It's really tough getting rejected especially when I believe so strongly in my story and my writing, but I'm learning to let myself cry for a minute and then pick up the computer and send out another letter.  After all, it only takes one person to say "yes."

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