Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

(Our Christmas letter):
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

2010 has been another doozie in the Linville-Thurber house. 

Dan finished another semester of school, finally passing that pesky college algebra course!  We are expecting a Spring 2013 graduation with his degree in IT Management.  We continued to root on the Broncos in their quest to become a football powerhouse and were crushed when they lost to Nevada, but we are excited for next year’s season already.

I spent the year on heavy duty antibiotics dealing with late stage Lyme Disease.  We spent last weekend in Seattle and got the news that I can stop antibiotics.  Unfortunately, it’s looking like there may be some permanent nerve damage, so while I’m excited about not having to take meds any longer, I am learning to accept the limitations created by chronic dizziness and make adjustments as I can. 

I also published a story about our first Christmas in our new house in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Magic, which was released in October.  I continue blogging at  I’m hoping that I’m able to dedicate time this year to establishing a non-profit to help other families deal with the emotional stress of losing a home.  It’s amazing how many plans though don’t seem to happen when you have a two-year old at home.

Speaking of Kellen, he’s becoming quite the opinionated and stubborn child.  We’re still trying to figure out exactly which side of the family he gets those genes from because I was definitely a meek and quiet child.  He started Montessori preschool in October and loves his teacher.  We love the school, and it’s proven to be a great environment for Kellen.  He makes us laugh with his language development with phrases like “Get out of here Mommy” and “Where’s Daddy’s be butt (belly button)?”  He also has quite the fascination with trains and gets out his wooden tracks at least once a day.  He likes his “ups” (hills) the best. 

We are all looking forward to an uneventful and healthy 2011. 

We hope you have a great holiday season (though this card will probably reach you at the tail end of it).  We are wishing you all a very healthy and happy new year as well!

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