Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I love fall. I know I've said this before. And I'll keep saying it.

I love the crispness of the air. I love that I can wear long-sleeved shirts that cover up my PICC line. I especially love the fact that this year I can love the cold weather AND eat ripe tomatoes because of the weird spring we had. I love the pumpkins. I love the lattes. And I love the anticipation for Christmas (speaking of which, have you picked up a copy of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas Magic? My story is on p. 132!).

Kellen is finally old enough to understand the concept of a pumpkin patch. We went to Farmstead this year where we rode ponies and watched pigs race and jumped on a big air trap and rode a tractor.

When we stopped to pick pumpkins, Kellen melted down because he didn't want to say goodbye to the tractor, even though we were getting right back on.

We went again today with some friends, and Kellen got to ride in a metal cow behind a tractor.

He was sad when it wasn't his turn.

And he played in corn. I didn't have such a good time, as I leaned up against a fence that was improperly secured, and I fell backwards with my feet over my head. My tail bone is royally sore this afternoon.

The other thing I love about fall is the delicious apples. I remember my freshman year of college taking an environmental studies seminar and having the local farmer bring in apples from his orchard for us to taste the varieties. I fell in love with the diversity of the apple, and while I love to eat Fujis and Galas the most, I appreciate others for different uses.

Fall also brings some sadness though, as it was a year ago that my grandmother suffered the stroke that would ultimately end her life. My grandmother's applesauce was legendary, and last Thanksgiving was the first family holiday I can remember where it didn't appear on the table next to the turkey.

Thankfully my grandmother's apple trees are still in the hands of family, and we were able to pick some apples for ourselves this year in hopes of canning apples for applesauce so that her legacy lives on. Kellen thought apple picking was great, and I am sad that it isn't an experience we got to share with my grandmother. I also hope I don't suck at canning!

I might not feel great, but it's still fall. And I'm happy for that!

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  1. I love fall, too. I just wish I didn't live in stupid Southern California where it's 80 degrees on Thanksgiving.