Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kellen playtime

Kellen and I are at gramma and grandpa's house. We got to play on the playground, which is Kellen's favorite. We can't pass a slide or swing without a grand pronouncement of its presence.

Apparently my son has a need to stick out his tongue when he is seriously contemplating something... like climbing over a giant half-circle monkey bar:

Gramma got Kellen a tricycle. We thought his legs would be long enough, but they weren't. So he just pushed it along with his feet. We are practicing using a helmet with all bicycle modes of transportation.

At first he didn't like the helmet, but it grew on him...

... to the point, that he's been wearing it all day... even at dinner.


  1. love these! he looks sooo big

  2. Great pics! I love that you added a signature to your photos, I have found pics I have posted of Jordyn that have been stolen!