Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's my birthday!

I'm twenty-eight today. I feel years older. In honor of today, I'm going to share 28 things you might not have known about me (stolen from my dear friend Heather, who turned 30 a couple of days ago).

1. I am proficient in saying the alphabet backward.

2. My favorite part of my birthday is watching Wimbledon.

3. I used to be a great speller, but that's one thing Lyme has taken away from me. It's rather cruel actually.

4. I am a game fanatic, and, more importantly, I really hate to lose.

5. I have changed my mind about what I want to be when I "grow up" at least a dozen times. In college I changed my major once a semester, ultimately majoring in political science. I then went to school to be a book editor and ended up working in a law firm when I moved to NYC.

6. I love to cook. And I think I'm pretty good at it.

7. I am really bad at gardening. I don't understand why.

8. When I was pregnant with Kellen I craved potatoes and couldn't stand the thought of Mexican food (even though that's what we ate the night of the fire).

9. I love french fries. I am a healthy eater, but I really love french fries.

10. I spend WAY too much time on the computer.

11. I am fascinated by the way that social media allows us to *know* people we otherwise wouldn't.

12. I design blogs and logos.

13. I have very few close friends. I tend to make friends and then lose them rather quickly (or because I move, which I've done a lot of).

14. I am really critical of other people. It's not a good thing, but I find it very difficult to change.

15. I am ridiculously good at Wheel of Fortune. I tried to get on the show, but I didn't have a favorite NASCAR driver. Not kidding.

16. I am blunt (ok, if you know me, you know this). I actually admire this about myself. I have a lot of family who skirt around issues, and I think it's just easier to get it out in the open.

17. I grew up on the water of the Chesapeake Bay. I miss it. The Boise River just doesn't do it for me in terms of bodies of water.

18. I am addicted to reality TV. I know the outcome of The Bachelorette (thanks Reality Steve), and I still watch it. I also love the Real Housewives. They are all totally crazy, but I still love it.

19. I love to sing even though I suck at it. Yet, Karaoke scares me. I'm working on this.

20. I made up a dance with my step-sister to Paula Abdul's "Straight Up" when I was in elementary school. A video of this event may or may not still exist ;-)

21. I've had two early miscarriages. This scares me about my ability to have more biological children.

22. I have a room full of scrapbooking supplies and yet have barely started Kellen's. I need a scrapbooking friend.

23. Dan got me Chanel No. 5 for my birthday. I had almost a full bottle before the fire, and it's taken almost 2 years to buy more. Two years without perfume is kind of a long time!

24. I've always thought that I was going to be famous, or at least well known. Even as a young child I thought this, not in a "I wish I was" kind of way, but rather in an "I know this to be true" kind of way.

25. I used to hate flip flops. Now I love them. Same thing with jeans. I hated them as a kid and was glad I lived in the 80s, era of the stretch pant.

26. I also used to hate black pepper. I'm becoming more tolerant.

27. I've always wanted to be 30.

28. I love pink gerber daisies. If I could have a house full of them at all times, I would be forever happy. Probably not, but it would at least make me smile!

And now, your present to me, dear reader... share one thing I didn't know about you!


  1. My birthday was Thursday, amazing how much we have in common! Other than the number of years, I'm gonna not share mine here but there are a few more than yours ;)

    I also love pink Gerbera Daisies, my wedding was centered around them, we had to have them flown in which really wasn't as expensive as it makes it sound like it was. :)

  2. that was very enlightening!

    i did not know you were quite so young (or knew and forgot) me when you're 40.

    just kidding.

    we have some interesting things in common, except the black pepper (my favorite thing to flavor food). we'll have to talk reality TV...usually too ashamed to admit to people i watch as many as i do.

    i love games too -- pictionary, cards, trivial pursuit and the like, but don't find the opportunity often.

    i am really critical of other people too (and myself). it's not a quality i love about myself because it can make life difficult.

    oh, you love fries? let's meet for lunch sometime at Boise Fry Co. -- i'll buy you a belated birthday lunch.

  3. Let's definitely do lunch at the Boise Fry Company!!

    And we should plan a game night because no one will play with me! I've resorted to playing a revised version of Blokus so I can play alone.

  4. Wow, we are a lot alike! I am also critical of people, LOVE french fries, don't have any friends in Boise since I am fairly new here from Seattle, had one miscarriage and I am a paper addict. I love to scrap and have no one to do it with.