Sunday, July 11, 2010

Christmas story

I've been hesitant to post about this, but I am pretty certain this is going to happen, like 99.5% sure.

As many of you know I've been writing a lot since the fire. I've always known I was a writer and would write. But I have had numerous starts and stops because, well, WRITING IS HARD. I believe that you've really got to want to be a writer to really do the work that makes you a good writer (in one of my workshops someone said it takes 10,000 hours of practice- OYE!).

But after the fire and the facial paralysis and the Lyme disease, well, I've had time to write (and check email, and post on Facebook, and Tweet... there's always ways to procrastinate). I also chase after a toddler, which can be an incredible brain drain.

Anyhow, I checked some of the upcoming themes for Chicken Soup for the Soul. I just needed to get published again while I work on my book. They had a deadline for a Christmas book, so I waited and waited and waited until the very last day. I sat down, wrote out my essay, and submitted.

I hadn't heard anything back so gave up on it, thinking that I shouldn't try to submit work that I've written in an hour or so anyway.

And then one day, while trying on clothes in the Eddie Bauer dressing room, I got the notice that my story had been accepted as a finalist. Most stories in the final cut make it to the book. After some back and forth about the contract, I signed, and this last week I ok'd the edits (of which I don't think there were many, but I haven't compared the two side by side).

The book is scheduled to come out this fall. I get ten copies, and I'm planning on giving a few signed copies away once I have them in hand.

Meanwhile, back to the blank page...


  1. Good for you, Brooke! Especially after such a quick write :D

  2. That's incredible! Congrats :)