Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The tulips are making their arrival.

I think that's my favorite part of spring, the anticipation of the first tulip in bloom. And last fall I made sure to plant a lot of them. We have one batch of tulips that survived the fire over in a far corner of the hillside. But as far as flowers are concerned, last spring was a bare one. But this year won't be (as long as the puppies don't destroy all of the flowers).

Kellen's play house is set up. He and the neighbor boy had fun ringing the doorbell and making pretend food on the grill.

Dan built a fence for our new garden. Last year's didn't work out so well, and we need a sunnier place that we can build up because the soil up here isn't exactly conducive to vegetable growing. I just started some of my seeds indoors to transfer once all the snow on the mountains is gone.

I look at the vinca on the hillside and have high hopes that it will grow well this year. I am anxious to see it cover the ground as opposed to covering patches. I am going to move some of the plants we put in to allow my honeysuckle to climb the fence, and I'm going to plant colorful flowers that remind me of joy.

The backyard is one of the good things to come out of the fire. We have room to play. And room to entertain. And room to sit and watch the flowers grow. Room even to grow our own food. I don't look outside and cringe at the rotting railroad ties anymore. Instead I slide down the fescue with Kellen (our hill makes a great slide!). We even have trees and eventually will have shade.

Spring is here. And with it, a heart that is a little lighter.

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  1. Tulips are beautiful! Hope this year brings you loads! And i love the little play house.