Monday, March 29, 2010

Changes in fire code

Boise is considering changing the fire code in areas like the one we live where open space butts up against a neighborhood.

Story here

My thoughts:

1) I got to see my house burn down on TV again yesterday. I hate these stories because of it. It is just so jarring to be watching TV and all of a sudden look up to see your neighborhood ablaze.

2) Our house was separated from the fire by a ROAD and a LOT of green space around the house. I think improving the code is a noble goal, but in reality, 30 feet of defensible space may not be enough.

3) At least one of the homes that caught fire did not have a cedar shake roof.

4) Maintenance of the land beneath our homes is, in my opinion, the biggest and best way to prevent a fire like that from happening again. There should be non-flammable landscaping around the power poles (like rocks?). Sagebrush (highly flammable) should not litter the field, unmaintained. A large fire break should be maintained between the field and the hillside to hopefully stop a fire before it gains momentum up the hill.

I moved back here because I didn't want the fire to be my last memory of my house. And it's not. I have a lot of good memories here now. But I can't say that I don't often worry about another fire, that I don't stare out my window to watch the fire engines when they come racing down Amity. I hope that *something* is done to make that less likely to happen, and I hope that what is done actually makes sense in preventing a large-scale fire like the one that we endured. Because I don't think I can go through this twice.

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