Monday, February 15, 2010

Why continue to blog?

I have been thinking a lot about this blog lately as I work on a website that brings together various writing projects and hosts my blogs on one site. This blog has been so critical for me in documenting my experience through the fire (and has been invaluable as I work on my book proposal). But as time goes on, what will this blog's focus be? Does this blog change to be more reflective of my life in general? Do I continue to write about how the fire has affected me and our family?

I think the answer is a little bit of both. As I mentioned, I am working on merging my blogs into one site so that I have one piece of land in cyberspace. But I don't want this blog to simply be my musings on daily life, the food I eat, the home decor, the diapers I change. There is relevance in continuing to talk about the fire. It is like any major event in a person's life. There was before. And now there is after. And the line that delineates the two is as wide as a canyon and colors the perspective of "after" indefinitely.

Dan and I often talk about things as BF (Before Fire) and AF (After Fire). As time passes, this becomes more challenging to determine, but for us distinguishing our lives in those terms is incredibly important. It allows us to compartmentalize our experience. It gives our perspective depth and meaning. And because of that, talking about the way in which the fire changed our lives is never irrelevant.

On my new website, I have a quote from William Wordsworth that says, "Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart." That line speaks to me as I share with the world all of who I am. Through these words I share my heart, my breath. And in the end, there is catharsis. That's why I write, and why I will continue to write here and write about the fire.

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  1. You are right. I have journaled over the years and it is the most helpful thing I have ever done to get through things-and help others.

    I have been reading your blog for a long time. I took a hiatus but am back more now. You inspire me and through that make me smile. So, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award.
    Feel free to head on over to my blog and accept your award.