Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The "other" anniversary

We are counting down to the one year anniversary of being home. It falls, as it did last year, on the same day as the Light My Fire fundraiser. I'm not sure if they will show our video again, but I am preparing myself for the emotional impact of seeing our home burn down again. But that's not what this post is about.

We've almost been home a year. There are days it feels like we've been here a month and others where it feels like we have always been here, that we never left.

I am trying very hard to get my house organized before that year mark. I moved the plates and glasses in the kitchen because the way things were just wasn't working. It's what you do the first year in a house, you know. We've moved couches so that they work better. I've been getting Kellen's big boy room set up and am planning on painting it as soon as the comforter gets here (pictures and more on my mommy blog). It's really starting to feel like our home. And the memories of our old house are starting to become fewer (as are the nightmares, though they are definitely still there). I've been able to take up projects in this house the same way we did the old house, and that is comforting, reassuring.

With less than two weeks until we celebrate a year of being home, it is a good time to acknowledge that we are HOME.

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