Monday, January 18, 2010

Kellen and his teddy bear

Kellen loves stuffed animals. Because of the incredible generosity of others, we aren't lacking for them!

When he was a little baby, we would hold up his stuffed animals for him before nap and bedtime to see which one he wanted. He made it known! So he has two that he religiously sleeps with: the blue doggie ("woof woof" Kellen says) and the blue beanie baby striped lion. He has recently added a monkey from my aunt and uncle into this mix. He has a thing for soft tails. I can't explain it.

Aside from those though, he has a very special teddy bear named Douglas. I think I have shared this story before, but I don't have a very good memory these days, so I will share it again, in case. Douglas is a HUGE teddy bear that was donated by a boy who attends Riverstone International School. We met this boy when they arranged for us to have family pictures done after the fire (which was just fantastic!). I don't know how the bear got the name "Douglas" but it is inscribed on his foot.

Anyhow, Douglas has been a staple in Kellen's crib for a LONG time, way before it was "okay" to have something in his crib. And Kellen loves him. Instead of a pillow, there is Douglas. Every night Kellen is asleep on Douglas's leg. When he is awake in his crib looking at books, he leans against Douglas like one of those study pillows. And the other day I went in his room, and he laughed and charged into Douglas. He loves him. And I love these memories. Thank you for this bear. It is one of many gifts that will be cherished forever.

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