Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jumper cables

I never imagined I'd be so mad about jumper cables.

Yesterday I got a phone call from Dan (one that was common in days past with his '96 Ford truck) telling me that his car was dead. He asked if I could come to school to jump him (or rather his car).

Sure I said, though I was a little annoyed to deviate from my schedule of errands. "Do you have the jumper cables?" I asked. "Uhhhh," he said. And then I realized. No, he doesn't have the jumper cables. I don't have them either. Honestly I cringe to even think of what they must have melted into. And then I was mad.

I am mad mostly because I don't want to buy jumper cables. Again. I don't. I'm tired of spending money on stuff I had. (The last time I wrote a post about this someone commented "Seriously." This time please (seriously) spare me!) I really don't want to go buy anything I HAD again. We're still decorating the house and looking for unique pieces to fill up our bookcases. It isn't money I want to spend on stupid jumper cables. Insurance money is long gone, so now it is money out of our pockets. Honestly I doubt the jumper cables made our contents list for insurance. The items you seldom use are the ones you so easily forget when you are trying to sort through the contents of your house in your mind. (Nevermind that the items in the garage were the hardest for me to remember in the first place.)

Thankfully Dan found someone at BSU to jump his car. It spared my having to buy cables. And I probably won't. I'm on strike!


  1. I have a suggestion. They have these all-in-one deals where it has an air pump, jumper cables, and a few extra bells and whistles. They are worth it when you are ready!!!