Monday, December 21, 2009


I am sending out Christmas/holiday cards. I had been thinking I would send a letter. We wanted to update people on us moving back into our home in February (in case they don't read this blog, which of course everyone DOES, right?!). But the more I tried to write the letter, the more I couldn't. The only thing I could come up with was:

"Thank god 2009 is almost over. While we DID move into our house in February, we still often feel unsettled and are working hard on making this 'our' house. On top of trying to get settled, Brooke spent most of the last year dealing with PTSD (and still has nightmares about fires and freaks out when she hears a fire truck or sees smoke) and other health issues. Among them, we learned that she has Lyme disease and has started a ridiculous course of antibiotics. If that wasn't enough, Brooke's family has also suffered health setbacks including two brain surgeries for her aunt, a bought of H1N1 for nearly everyone including one hospitalization for pneumonia complications, and a stroke for her grandmother. Margaret died on November 25th, the day
before Thanksgiving. If that wasn't enough, Dan developed a painful hernia last week and is now recovering from surgery. 2010 will be a welcome change, and we hope it brings a change of fortunes. Thank you for your continued support. Wishing the best for you and your families this holiday season."

Not exactly the festive "We love our life and new house" letter people want. So we just sent a card with a picture. This one:


  1. I think that a card with that gorgeous picture of the three of you is perfect. You don't need anything else.

    (Although I do think the world could stand to get more reality-check holiday letters in place of the "My life is perfect" ones that I usually receive/write.) :-)

  2. It was a perfect card :) Next year will hopefully a lot less eventful!

  3. What a beautiful photo! I decided against cards because (1) we didn't have anything very wonderful to share, (2) DH refused to have photos done, and (3) I didn't want to do them! I think your card is perfect!