Friday, October 23, 2009

Fire ladders

We have a two story house now. And fire safety is on my mind all the time, yet we still don't have a fire ladder.

We've talked about our plan if something happens before we get one, but I know it's not enough. We need a ladder. We need to practice.

I've been looking at them on Amazon, and so far, I think I like the built in ladder better. It is permanently mounted on the window so that if there ever were a fire, all a kid would need to do is throw it out. When our kids are older, a ladder under the bed might be a perfectly fine solution. But while they are young, I worry about them figuring out how to assemble, secure, and get out! The only downside is the cost. I think we might get two of the permanent mount ladders to put in the nursery and Kellen's eventual big boy room. Then we'll get one or two of the ladders that go in the closet or under your bed for Dan's office and the laundry room. Does four ladders seem excessive?

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