Sunday, September 6, 2009

I love fall

I love Fall. I love that night comes sooner and morning comes just a little later. I love the thought of pumpkin carving (after a visit to the pumpkin patch). I love seeing kids on their way to school and off to sports practices. I love tailgating and Football season (and love that I have a team to root for). I love long sleeved shirts. I love fall because it is comfortable, and if you've been to my house or know me, that's my life. Comfortable.

I was robbed of fall last year. Fall was sadness, stress, overwhelming. Not comfort.

There was little to decorate or decorate with. We went to the pumpkin patch, but we forgot to carve the pumpkins. It was just one more to-do on a list that was already pages too long.

I might go a little overboard this year, but that's ok. I have already starting making my October crafts. And I've been looking around for even more decorations. (I need to figure out how to light the pumpkins without candles.) We have thrown ourselves into Football season. I am embracing Pumpkin Spice lattes. I am so excited that it's fall. And I'm glad for the new year feeling that has continued to settle into my heart.


  1. I love Fall too! I've already started decorating.

  2. For your pumpkins, how about those battery operated candles? You may have to use more than one. I haven't seen any that are very bright although I haven't shopped for them in a while.