Friday, September 18, 2009

Contents List... AGAIN

I am dreading the contents list. Dreading.

But I know we need to do it. An actual list, of the actual contents of this house, rather than a list created from memory, with who knows how much of our stuff excluded. We have receipts. We've been really good about that. And we have a cool receipt scanner from Costco. But we need to do more than that to make sure we are fully insured in this house.

And since we are doing it, I am inviting you to join me this fall. Go through your house. Take pictures of each room, each drawer, each closet, the garage, the attic (trust me on the garage and attic- you won't remember what's in a place you don't see everyday). Upload those photos to a site like Shutterfly, take them to your parent's, put them in a safety deposit box, hope you'll never need them. And then go through, room by room creating a list of what you own, how much you paid for it. Do it little by little if you have to. A room a week, a month even. And then look at your insurance and see if the amount you are covered for in contents is more or less than what your total is. If you ever need to use that policy, you will hope that it is more. I also highly recommend replacement coverage to ensure that the actual cost of the item is covered. You should see the price lists that insurance companies use to determine the costs of goods. You want $20 for that lamp? GOOD LUCK! Here's a nickel.

If you are a RENTER, look at that content list and decide whether you can afford to replace all of those items out of pocket. If not, please (PLEASE) consider renter's insurance.

I would love to know how this goes for you. Like I said, I am dreading this. It was at this time last year, we were starting our list from the old house, and it was no fun. Fifty pages in Excel. Fortunately I have a lot more records now. But it doesn't seem any less daunting. Just a little less emotional.


  1. Oh, good idea! We should do this now too- we are just moving in, so maybe we can make our list as we unpack.

  2. thanks for the reminder. It's been on my list of things to do.