Tuesday, September 1, 2009

California Wildfires

I like watching the Today show. When I went on my news strike, I missed watching my morning "news."

I had to turn it off this morning as they had footage of families looking through their homes, which looked a lot like the remnants of our home. I also felt like I was invading their privacy. Those first moments are so raw and jarring, and I don't know how I feel about TV cameras being there.

I feel for those families, and it makes me even more certain that there needs to be an organization that is dedicated to helping them navigate the first days, weeks, months after the fire. I try to find information about how to help, and there is little. If there were an organization that oversaw donations and such, it would be so much easier to get the families what they need.

I really would like to help the families, both in the southern CA and Auburn fires. I know the Red Cross is accepting donations, but I refuse to donate to them after last year. I am still uncertain as to how much of those donations actually go to helping the families in need.

Please keep all the families who lost their homes in your thoughts. They are at the beginning of their journey, and they have a tough year ahead of them.

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