Saturday, September 12, 2009

Art in the Park

I have been waiting a WHOLE YEAR for Art in the Park. Last year we picked up some pieces, mostly replacements of stuff we had before, but it was hard to buy for a house we didn't have.

So much of the "stuff" I had in my house had a story. I could look at the table and tell you that I got it as a floor sample from Pottery Barn or look at the typewriter that I loved and tell you that I bought it at an antique store and about how every kid that walked through our doors played with it. I could tell you about the old photography equipment and how it was found by rummaging through my great-grandparents' stuff and by helping my dad move out of our family house the week of my wedding. I could tell you about the collage picture on our wall that a friend of mine from high school made as a wedding gift.

But most of the stuff in our house now doesn't have much of a story... and we were given so much so quickly and bought so much right after moving that the stories kind of merge together. Granted there are things that have stories I can tell you, like the piggy bank baby bottle or "Douglas" the big stuffed bear. But I miss having my own stories associated with objects in and around my house.

Which is why I've been waiting a year for Art in the Park. We bought a flower made out of recycled goods (picture tomorrow), a guitar playing skeleton for Halloween (I can't wait to show you pictures of our house decorated for Halloween!), and Christmas ornaments. We are also considering a glass piece for the wall in our bedroom. It's my hope that someday (SOON) I will be able to look around my house and tell you a story without having to refer to the fire every third word.

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  1. glad you got some cool things! I can't wait to see pics!