Saturday, August 15, 2009

Month of fun

Dan and I have had an interesting month. We had plans to go to a comedy club, Roaring Springs, Jackpot, celebrate numerous holidays, etc. We just wanted to make new memories that weren't tied to the fire. And we have, though I wasn't expecting the stomach bug to keep reappearing at our house!

The day we were supposed to go to Roaring Springs that huge thunder and hail storm hit. So we went to Jackpot (and nearly got eaten by a forming tornado). I won $80 at the penny slots. We went to Roaring Springs the next week and played a couple of rounds of laser tag among other things.

We didn't get a chance to celebrate our Halloween in August, but I did start making some decorations that should be ready come October. It's going to be so nice to have some homemade things. My mom was a home ec major, and we always had handmade holiday stuff (and I lost a lot of it).

And we are planning for the one year anniversary. I am hoping to have a New Years party on the 25th with a countdown and mock ball drop. For me, August 25th will always mark a new year, an anniversary. And counting down to year 2 A.F. will be a great thing for us. While I still have a hard time finding motivation (if I pull a few weeds and unload the dishwasher, it's a productive day), I truly am looking forward to this next year. It feels like I'm getting my life back, I'm coming out of limbo. And this month has been a good way to start that.

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