Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Q&A with Brooke

I posted this yesterday and then took it down. I needed time to think about how to respond to the question that was posed and decide whether the blogger Q&A was something I wanted to continue.

I was raised to believe that certain topics are off-limits. Not only do I think that the question was inappropriate, but I also believe that the manner/tone in which it was asked wasn't benign. Could I answer the question in a simple manner? Sure. But I don't think that it is appropriate, nor do I find any good reason to share that information. (And I also don't consider myself to be "out of work," but I will save that for another post.)

I have also thought about whether I would still open my comments up to questions from readers. For now, I will. I have changed my comments settings so that anonymous comments are not allowed. I have also made it so that comments have to be approved. I think it kind of defeats the purpose of the Q&A, but it is what I feel comfortable doing since "appropriate" means different things to different people.

With that said, I would love to answer appropriate (and non-mean-spirited) questions.


  1. What has the power company done to prevent such a thing from happening again? Are they at all liable for any of the cost of living in temporary housing and/or rebuilding?

  2. I'm not sure how to best answer this question, and I'm going to leave the answer here rather than having an entire post to the answer. When they replanted the land under the lines, I believe it was a more fire retardant seed. I would like to see them leave the land directly below the lines free from growth with something like rocks to ensure that a spark can't do this. It's obviously too much to ask for them to do this throughout the state, but I would like to see it done in areas close to residential zones in high fire areas.

    I can't be all that open about the second part of the question, but I can say that insurance companies will try to recoup their money if a company is at fault. I don't really know much more.