Friday, July 10, 2009

Karmic debt

**If you are offended by religious posts that aren't in agreement with your particular religion, this might be a post you want to skip.**

I was reading one of my favorite books, The Art of Racing in the Rain, the other day, and the dog is talking (yes, the dog is the narrator) about Karma. He was mentioning how karma always seems to catch up with a person, in this life or the next.

No one ever wants to say that someone deserved something bad happening to them, and they certainly won't admit that maybe they deserved it. On some level I wonder if this wasn't a part of my karmic debt.

It's easier to say it was a spiritual lesson, that it is a means of teaching non-attachment. And I'm not discounting that. If it wasn't intended to teach me that lesson, it has been a special bonus. If it was meant to teach me about emotional well-being, it has also done that. But it was such a trauma, and done so publicly, I also wonder about my karma.

If it was a means of repaying some kind of karmic debt, the good thing is that it is done. And I hope that settles my repayment.

I'm still working on this idea of using the fire as an opportunity. It is a new beginning. I have no doubts about that. More to come as we approach the anniversary- 46 days and counting.

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