Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Creating Joy

We went on vacation the end of March. I remember my mom telling me how easy it was to be around me, how much I had changed. And I felt it.

Then things changed. Maybe it was the fact that I stopped taking the happy pill, convinced it wasn't working. Maybe it was swine flu and the hysteria that ensued. Maybe it was our open house and that half the people who told us they were coming didn't. Regardless, I started on a slow decline to my current state, which has been a little off.

Last night Dan and I went out to dinner alone and then walked along the river talking. "If you could manifest five things in your life, what would they be?" I asked. And he listed his five. On my list- creating joy.

My six week challenge
is part of my joy creation. You reap what you sow (or karma), right? Seeking out laughter is another. We sat on our neighbor's driveway last night and laughed (really LAUGHED!). It felt normal and healthy and great. Buying myself a vase of pink gerber daisies every week is also part of my plan. I love pink gerber daisies, and seeing them in our house will not only make me smile but will make me appreciate our house more, maybe even start to like it. I'm going to finish setting up my office so that I can work in there as well as scrapbook. I'm going to try to get through Kellen's first six months by the end of the month. And when I wake up every morning I'm going to name five things I have to look forward to. Today that was Stroller Strides (my lovely group of fit mamas), acupuncture, a soy Chai from Java, alone time, and America's Got Talent.

What do you want to manifest in your life? And more importantly, what steps are you going to take to make them a reality?

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