Thursday, June 25, 2009

My lonely place

In the days, weeks, and month after the fire I was amazed by the outpouring of support for us. We had talked about leaving Boise eventually because of better job opportunities for Dan when he graduates. But after the fire I couldn't figure out how we could ever justify leaving this community. Not to sound whiny, but where has everyone gone?

It has been months since I talked to many of the people who helped us out. Many of the people who we met BECAUSE of the fire, I befriended and assumed I would continue to have relationships with. We had an open house, and many of those people I assumed would at least come to that. But most didn't. To me celebrating our new home was just as important as helping us sweeping up our old one.

As I am writing, I am wondering if it's because I haven't made contact. But I have... not with everyone, but a few people at least. Given the lack of reaction from them though, I suppose I am reluctant to reach out to others.

It's a lonely place 10 months (today... it's been TEN months) after the fire. And it's strange to have a blog where I can share that, and you can read. Our door is always open.


  1. Laurie (So Cali)July 2, 2009 at 1:59 PM

    Hi Brooke...

    It's me, Laurie from So Cali. My brother's family's home in Seattle burned down in an accidental fire 7/12/08 and they are FINALLY in their new home! They'll have a "house chilling" party to celebrate on 7/12/09! BUT...they have a new home and new things and say they feel like they are kind of living in someone else's house, using someone else's things. Even though I've never lost my own home to a fire, I do empathize with your feelings. I'm sorry! They say "This too shall pass" and I suppose with time things will be better. At least that is my hope! For your family, and my brother's. Always following your blog and wishing you well! Take Care! (Breathe through the 4th of July!!!)

  2. So glad they are home! I'll be thinking of them on the 12th. I'm counting down the days until August 25th. Something about passing the year mark just seems liberating. The year of limbo will be over!