Monday, May 4, 2009

One in a million

I was just reading this article about a lottery winner who hasn't come forward. They talk about what could have happened as it has been 69 days, and the amount is substantial. Among the theories, a house fire. One in a million chance it says.

One in a million. Those are better odds than winning the lottery. For that jackpot, I'm sure the odds were around one in 120 million. But even when the odds are one in a million, the assumption is that it won't happen, can't happen. And yet it does.

That is where I find myself right now. At the intersection of one and a million. And it is causing me incredible anxiety. I wish I could think about all the wonderful, lucky, amazing one in a millions, but instead I worry about the fires, the plane crashes, the swine flus. Which side will you find yourself on (I can tell you which side the insurance company is betting on)? And what happens when you are that one? How do you walk out the door like the millions when you know that disaster can be looming on the other side?

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