Monday, May 4, 2009

Google Earth

Dan was looking on Google Earth the other day. This is what he saw:

It doesn't even seem like that was ever our house. Since we rebuilt on the same land it feels like this is just what has always been here. It's really hard to imagine that our front yard was ever that big or that our house was that three bedroom. I suppose it is good that this is now our home and it feels like home more than that does. I don't really have much choice about it though either.


  1. you can always put in a complaint with google earth. it may take them a while but they will come by and re "shoot" the street. We had to complain to them because they had us marked on the wrong end of the street. **off to see if they fixed it**

  2. I think we'll wait until the other homes are built and then have them come reshoot. Hopefully all construction will be done by the one year mark!

  3. Thats kinda creepy- maybe its just me