Friday, April 24, 2009


Most of our yard is done. Dan and I busted our butts to landscape at the old house. We put in so much topsoil that our driveway was a mound of dirt and impassible. We laid 3000 square feet of sod. We built a raised stone flower bed, and we built a 750 square foot deck, which didn't look so big in my mind but definitely could have doubled as a square dancing facility. I feel like I've put in my time, and I wasn't really up for laying sod again!

I still have the itch to plant. So I bought some Gerber daisies (my absolute favorite!!) and some Honeysuckle. I have been trying to grow Honeysuckle since we moved in three years ago. It has been an epic failure, but I believe that is in part due to the pine trees in the yard behind ours (which are now gone) and the fact that we had no watering system in place (I like to blame the former when it is likely the latter that is at fault!). We will try again and see what happens. If they take, next year I will plant on the other side.

As I was digging the holes for the honeysuckle, I ran into what I thought were rocks, which are in no short supply up here. As I was starting to backfill, I realized that what I ran into was not rock but was some melted circular rubber thing. We have yet to identify it. I thought it was coaxial, but Dan says it is not. We have also uncovered pieces of burned wood that are too small to identify. I wonder whether the burnt ground will make the ground more fertile. I know in the forest when it burns, the regrowth seems to be greener... but then again, that's not usually a former riverbed full of river rock.

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  1. I just bought Gerber daisies today! We're planting a memorial garden for our dog in the backyard, and they were so pretty I couldn't pass them up! I'm excited to get started, but I haven't spent nearly as much time as you have tending to my yard!