Sunday, April 12, 2009


I've been so worried about the squirrels. I was worried that they didn't survive the fire and then I was worried they wouldn't come back. While they aren't official pets, they might as well be. They provide a lot of entertainment for us running back and forth on the top of the fence. And Shade LOVES them. I'm not sure this love is a healthy love, to be quite honest. We believe that he thinks his official job is fence sentry. As much as we've missed the squirrels, I think they've missed us. This morning I saw both squirrels out on the fence playing. They know better than to jump over the fence into our yard. And I am a little worried that they don't have any trees to jump into for safety. The squirrels are just one more thing that reminds me that things are returning to "normal," or our new normal anyway!

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