Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We often hear we are lucky. The definition of luck is shaping forces, both positive and negative that operate in a person's life. It was just our luck that our home was one of ten that was totally burned. But that's not what people mean. People are eager to show us the upside of the fire as though we need to be told that we were able to build a nice house. I thought maybe if we had rebuilt the house exactly as it was we would have avoided those comments, but my neighbors say that they get equal comments ("It must be nice to have all new stuff." NICE?! Really?!) I think people are quick to forget the trauma and (in our society in particular) are concerned more about the stuff than about the emotional aspects or the sentimental. But in many ways we are lucky outside of the acquisition of things.

This is my list of ways that we are lucky... partially so I have a response when someone makes an insensitive comment.

- I am incredibly lucky to live in a community like Boise that has supported us throughout this whole tragedy.

- I am lucky to have a supporting husband who understands my fears and who will comb the house for intruders or buy me a gas alarm or run back home when I see a fire truck just to help me feel more secure.

- I am lucky that I live in a time where gas alarms and security systems exist to give me more peace of mind.

- I am lucky to have found good counselors and a good yoga therapist who can help me as I work through my fear.

- I am lucky in the sense that we endured this as a community. My neighbors understand my emotions, and that is helpful when so many don't seem to.

- I am lucky to live in the digital age where online shopping is possible. I am so over malls and stores.

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