Thursday, February 5, 2009


On August 25, our lives hit the pause button. Lots of things have happened since, but we feel as though we've been watching our lives on a television more than participating in them. In 16 hours, we start moving home. At this time tomorrow, we open our bottle of Dom Perignon. Saturday morning, we wake up at home. Home.

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  1. Brooke...

    I am really, genuinely happy for you and your lovely family! Congrats! Enjoy and cherish every moment. Don't Blink...cause you might miss something really great!

    I'm sad to say that my brother and his family are still in the 5th wheel trailer in Seattle...there is still some hang-up with the geo-tech report and they haven't even placed the forms yet in order to pour the foundation. Their fire was July 12, 2008.

    Just consider yourself BLESSED!!!

    Enjoy, be happy, make memories!