Monday, February 2, 2009

The nest/bump

Many of the people who read and comment on my blog are "nesties." For those of you not in that group, I thought I would do a quick post about it.

I started on the Knot, which is a website for engaged couples. I didn't ever use the forums, but we did have a website for our families and friends. At that time, a sister site was created called "The Nest." When Dan and I started trying to conceive (TTC in internet lingo), I started posting on the forums. I learned about all kinds of things about conceiving that none of my friends ever talked about!! We had an early miscarriage, and there was a board for women who had experienced the same thing. These women have become some of my closest friends though I haven't met any of them in real life (IRL in internet speak). The nine months it took us to get pregnant, the nine months of pregnancy, and now the four months of Kellen's life... that's a lot to go through with someone!

When the fire happened, I was so glad Dan grabbed my computer, and one of the first things I did was post on our board asking for good thoughts. These "strangers" rallied around us, donated money to help us recreate our nursery, and have been with me through every nail, board, and paint color. When I wasn't able to update in the early days, others who had seen news stories would update. And I feel their support now as we prepare to move back home. I am so grateful for them. (And for the rest of you who support us virtually- through this blog and otherwise.) I know that it is something that generations past cannot necessarily understand, but I am so blessed to live in the digital age and be able to connect with others in this way!

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  1. As a fellow Nestie- your strength and honesty inspires me. I too am grateful for the SAL nesties and would feel lost w/o all these "strangers". Know you are loved and cared for all over the world :)