Friday, February 20, 2009

My day

Here is an overview of today... it is very similar to most days.

6:30-7:00 - Kellen decides it is time to wake up.
8:00 - Leave for Dr. Appt.
8:30 - Dr. Appt.
9:30 - Talk to mom, wait for stores to open
10:00-11:30 - Shop. Looking for organizers for my office so that it stays clean. Need to buy Kellen 6-9 month clothes because he is growing out of 6 mo. Thankfully people donated some bigger sized clothes, but as we get bigger, the donations shrink. Look for China cabinet- the wall is an odd width and I need something narrow. Find all items. China cabinet not exactly what I wanted, but it will fit the space, and I've looked everywhere, so we get it.
12:00 - Home. Start assembling furniture
1:00 - Kellen goes down for a nap. Furniture assembly takes longer than expected. Realize that vertigo attack is starting over (it cycles every 5-6 weeks and progressively gets better until it flares again).
2:30 - Kellen gets up. Make bottle, get car ready.
3:00 - Chiropractor appointment. The Bell's Palsy has really gotten better since I've starting seeing him- not always blinking, but close.
4:00 - Pick up prescriptions. Go to Home Depot. Forget nails for the fifth day.
4:30 - Come home, realize I forgot nails. Peel potatoes for dinner. Thank goodness for the crock pot!
4:45-6:00 - Continue putting together furniture (seriously, when you see how small this is, you will laugh. Dan said it was like a model car. It's taken me ALL DAY just to put together a couple of shelves and drawers.)
6:00 - Eat.
6:30 - Feed Kellen cereal until he dumps it on the floor. Call Shade. Realize we need wood floor cleaner.
6:45 - Kellen bath.
7:00 - Start bedtime routine.
7:30 - Write in blog... before assembling more furniture.

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  1. Girl, task things out! Tim and I can put together furniture. All you need to do is ask!