Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Can Opener

I finally bought a can opener. This comes after making curry Monday night. I just needed to pierce both sides of a coconut milk can, but I had no tools for which to do that. So I tried to use the Pampered Chef can opener that someone gave us. Can I just say I HATE this thing? It goes on top instead of on the side, and it chewed the crap out of my coconut milk. After several failed attempts, I cut the can open with a paring knife. This was no easy feat. And I was so frustrated that I was worried I was going to chop my fingers off in the process.

I didn't go shopping yesterday because I am so sick of it. I didn't realize that once we moved into the new house I would need to get so much more. But I try to hang up pictures, and I realize we don't have nails. Or Dan tries to open his grapefruit juice can with a bottle opener and can't. Or I want to freeze Kellen's homemade baby food in an ice cube tray, but they were thrown out in the move. I need a brush to cook with. I need a glass casserole dish. I need trash cans. I need a meat tenderizer and meat thermometer.

So today I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond (thanks to Brett and crew for continuing to help us with a discount) and went up and down the aisles trying to remember what I needed. (Yes, I should make a list. But said list would get lost in the masses of cardboard that have eaten our house!) I am happy to report that I have a can opener and the above-mentioned frustration can now be taken out on the garden when I realize I have no tools... but digging in the dirt with my hands is probably less frightening than stabbing a can of coconut milk with a paring knife!

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  1. I used the ice cubes for Wyatt's food, but it got kind of irritating every time that needed to get some food and it all came out. For Reese I ordered these - - they're awesome