Saturday, January 3, 2009


It's amazing how much we all judge things. I think we are all guilty of judging others for how they handle events and circumstances in their lives (even if that judgment is good). But I don't necessarily mean judging others. We judge those events and circumstances.

What if we didn't label events as good or bad, simply as opportunities? I'm not quite there- I can't yet see the fire as neutral, simply an opportunity. But maybe that's all it is. It is our preconceived notions of life (our expectations) that make an event good or bad, fortunate or unlucky. If we had no expectation for tomorrow, no expectation for how our life was supposed to go... if we just allowed ourselves to be blown where the wind goes, maybe suffering would be minimal. Or maybe we wouldn't suffer at all. We could simply be present and experience all that is put forth... whether it be "good" or "bad."

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