Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Dan and I are exhausted.

We sleep about 4 hours at a time. Kellen has reflux, and it causes him to excessively spit up. We have to feed him in smaller amounts, more often. This means more waking up at night.

If we were normal people, we would rest during the day. That's what all of the advice says about new parent sleep deprivation. Wouldn't that be nice!

Today we said we would have a low-key day and not go anywhere. That was before the phone started ringing at 8:30 this morning (as always). Someone wants to get paid. We didn't confirm the granite countertop color yesterday. We haven't picked out our lights and need to go back out to Meridian. The hardwood guys need a babysitter.

And Kellen has decided that he hates his car seat and wants to be held all day.

At some point I have to start packing. I got 5 small boxes done this weekend. Our house is a disaster. It desperately needs to be vacuumed.

Oh... I also need to pick out furniture. We still haven't ordered couches. While we have temporary stuff from the rental, I really want to be ready to move in when the move-in date comes. And that means having our furniture delivered.

Did I mention that I'm exhausted?


  1. I am exhausted from reading about you being exhausted!! :) Sending postive thoughts your way..... and good car seat vibes for Kellen - he's supposed to love that thing, little stinker!!

  2. I would love to come and help u guys as soon as Jordyn and I are well. Hang in there.

  3. I wish I lived near you guys so I could help you pack or at least help by watching Kellen :) Sounds like everything is coming along and the house is looking awesome :)

  4. The car seat thing - it'll pass. Both of mine went through fairly short-lived phases of screaming and arching their backs when I tried putting them in their infant carseats. They got over it. Did I also mention that right around the 4 month mark they also went through phases where they wanted to be held around the clock. I lost 5 lbs from pacing the house with the Bear because she wouldn't even let me sit. And Tony was gone TDY for 3 weeks, so it was just me. It passed. Hang in there!

  5. Friend, friend, friend... YOU KNOW YOU CAN ALWAYS CALL!!!! I would love to help you!! i am free on Friday!!!

  6. Tim and I are available for cleaning or babysitting

  7. Brooke, its your nanny Brittany. Call/text/e-mail WHENEVER you need something!! If you want help packing or someone just to hold Kellen, just call. Whenever , seriosuly!! :] I would love to give you a hand, or time for a nap, or whatever you need. I like holding babies too. :]