Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We are arriving at the end. It's at least the beginning of the end. We see the house coming along. Once the carpet is in, I will really feel like we are just about in.

I think I pack at least a couple boxes a day. For people who lost everything, we certainly have a lot to move. I blame Kellen. Seriously, how much stuff does a 3 month old need? (Our particular 3 month old is quite busy, so we need to keep much of it unpacked.) You could also blame my crafting. I have acquired more paper in the last several months. Unfortunately I haven't had time to do much with it yet. I am so excited to get into the house and get my craft room unpacked. Kellen's scrapbook is overdue. And I have so many ideas for it. I would think I would be more motivated to pack. But caring for a baby who is trying to sit, roll, and teeth (or rather is sitting, rolling, and teething) is taking up most of my energy.

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  1. Brooke - nothing takes more energy than being a mommy. :) Two boxes a day is a HUGE accomplishment! By the way... I used to complain when it was time to de-clutter because we have "too much stuff" - my perspective has changed since the fires. I will never complain about such a silly thing again. Thanks for helping me with that positive change!