Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I was going to blog about something really light today, but then I saw a couple of minutes of Oprah.

Will Smith was promoting his new movie and was talking about how we often perceive life as linear. Birth. Life. Death. But no, he says. Instead it is circular with birth and death next to each other. Birth. Life. Death. Rebirth. Most religions embrace this idea in some way or another. It is an idea that speaks to me.

But Will Smith wasn't just talking about the birth and death of our physical bodies. He was talking about it in a greater sense. We go through so many births and deaths in this life. Our house had a birth, one I wasn't even aware of (in fact, I was 7 when the house was built). It had a life, a life that harbored many other lives and had many stories. Our presence in that house was only a small fraction of that house's life. And it had a traumatic death. All of our things went through similar births and deaths. They all had a story.

Now is the rebirth. And in the rebirth of our house, we too are going through a rebirth. And birth isn't always easy (ask Kellen). We are presented with our new lessons. But we are also surrounded by love, incredible love in birth. And if we trust the process, our needs are also always met.

Tomorrow- ornaments.

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