Monday, December 1, 2008


I picked San Diego as opposed to the Oregon Coast so that we could get some sun. Of course while we are here, it has been foggy. Oh how I am learning a lesson about life's plans.

As we were walking down the beach yesterday morning, I was reflecting about feeling like I am in a fog. Fog clouds your perception of the future. You look ahead and cannot see what's in front of you, and so you are forced to make decisions based purely on what you can see. And in the fog, what lies ahead looks dark and often a little menacing. When the sun is out, you can see a path, and it is bright. Because you can see what is ahead, you can prepare for your next move. If driving in the fog, you can change lanes based on brake lights or slow down when traffic is backed up. In the fog, you do not have the benefit of long-term planning and judgment.

But fog eventually lifts. Sun burns off the low clouds, and then there is light again. So too will there be light for us. Like the morning fog, the light will take time to break through, but once it is there, the path will be visible again. The fog is just an obstacle. And we will get through it.

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  1. Beautiful, Brooke. Loved the perspective. Just beautiful! Sure hope you are enjoying yourself and your family!