Saturday, December 20, 2008

Current Address

"Do you still live at 3417 Sweetwater?"

It takes me by surprise EVERY TIME!

My responses are varied.

"Sort of."

"We are rebuilding there."

"Mail can be sent there."


I was told today that move-in will be the first week of February at the latest. That is less than 7 weeks. I'm going to put a counter up for February 1 in the sidebar so you can count down the days with us. Paint starts Monday. We have parts of the stair railings up. Stucco should be finished soon, and as soon as it is painted, I will update with a picture of the front of the house. We've started ordering furniture. Kellen is getting a sleigh crib (and raised panels). Our coffee table is the coolest thing ever (but I'm keeping that a secret until move-in). It seems like everyday we are overrun with boxes. And we start packing after Christmas. If you are interested in helping us sort boxes and accumulated stuff, we can definitely use the help (have you tried packing with a 3 month old?!).

Speaking of three-month olds... I have to share today's picture because he is just the cutest darn baby ever!


  1. I love those big, bright Kellen eyes! May the next seven weeks going quickly for you. Soon you'll be able to yell, "Move that bus!!" Well, or something like that . . . :)

  2. The picture of Kellen makes me smile. It's adorable :) I wish I could help but I live so far away :( If you need any internet help, let me know :)

  3. First of all, the picture of Kellen is adorable. Precious. There are not enough words that describe how cool that picture looks!
    Second of all, the Christmas card we sent you was sent to "where you are building." In my head, its really where you live. Then I also don't need to mess with having a temporary address in my records.
    Third, I'd like to buy you a domain. It can just redirect to your blog and you can have cool email addresses (hosted by google for free or somewhere else if you would like). What would you want?
    I was thinking Please let me know. It's also cheap =D

  4. He could quite possibly win for cutest baby ever!