Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Tree

So we finally got a Christmas Tree. The fact that this is an afterthought and almost mundane is just one more reminder that this year is not like the others. Normally I would be anxiously awaiting the first weekend in December to buy a tree, hoping that it would last through Christmas. I would have already looked through my ornaments and carefully thought out which should be displayed in the front and which could have less prominent, but equally important, placement in the back of the tree. Each night leading up to Christmas would be celebrated with white tree lights lighting up the room. The tree would be filled with gifts, those for family and for friends. I spend a lot of time wrapping presents. In fact, it is one of my favorite things of the season.

But not this year.

We have a tree, and there are presents sent from my mom and sister in the back room. I've even bought some presents. I had great plans to make things. But I'm just not feeling well. I haven't wrapped anything yet. I suppose I will.

But we have a tree.

We actually got the tree from Grandma's Trees on Eagle Rd. We got an email from Patti that they were having a hard time selling trees and were going to have to shred the trees. Instead of shredding them, they were offering them to families in need. We bought ours, but we went to them because they were willing to do that for families. So if you still need a tree, they have them, and they are really nice.

I'll post pictures once the tree is actually up. We are going to put it in the rental and then move it to the new house on Christmas Eve for our Christmas day party.


  1. I too have got my Christmas tree through Hammacher Schlemmer & decorated it with beautiful ornaments.

  2. My camera couldn't get some of the ornaments in good detail, but we loved them all!!