Monday, December 29, 2008


This is the time of year where I pull out my journals. I have a yearly tradition of writing about the previous year and reflecting on years past. There are some years where I don't write much more than that final year-end entry. The loss of my journals, the loss of those stories hits hard as I reflect on my year. However, I've also been thinking a lot about how much we focus on our past to define us and our future. That belief is so limiting. We are not an accumulation of our past. We can choose to change at any time (though the work to make those changes is hard!). Perhaps the loss of my past frees me from those limiting experiences and opens up my life for a new and wondrous future!

Regardless, the year in review!

January brought change. I started the year changing positions from a special ed advocate to a teacher. I worked in a classroom with junior high students who had emotional or behavioral disabilities. It was an incredibly challenging yet rewarding position. January 30th was the first snow day of the year. It was a Wednesday. We had been trying to get pregnant for a year, and we found out that day that we were expecting. It was quite a surprise!

In March, Dan and I visited New York during Spring Break. I hadn't been back since leaving in 2005, and I was anxious to see my friends and return to some of the places I had called home. We brought back several mementos from that trip, a few of which were replaced by a friend this past week (thanks Z!).

In May we found out we were having a boy. My family has all boys in the next generation, so I was hoping for a girl, but we were thrilled to have a boy. We decided on a rock star theme for his nursery, and I started making preparations to clean out the junk room to turn it into habitable space! At the end of the month, my family joined us in a surprise party to announce the gender.

In June we picked Kellen's name on a drive up to our family's cabin in the Sawtooths. We also spent a weekend in Sun Valley with our dog. We managed a short hike up part of Baldy (though at 6 months pregnant, it was a bit tiring!).

July brought a trip to Bend, OR, to see my mom. We celebrated our birthdays (mom, step-dad, and I all have birthdays in the same week!). We had gone into an organic baby boutique in Bend to pick out some unique things for Kellen. I was pretty tired, but looking back on the trip, I felt very contented. We celebrated Dan's birthday later that month. My friends and family through us a co-ed baby shower BBQ. It was a great end to the month.

August brought about work. I started going into school regularly to set up my classroom and prepare for maternity leave in October. Little did I know that this preparation would be needed sooner rather than later. August 25 was the first day of school. It is hard to believe that it has already been four months since that day.

The past four months have been a blur. From the immediate aftermath of the fire to celebrating Christmas in a(n almost completed) home, I could never have imagined that 2008 would have turned out this way. I never imagined that I would end the year building a home to grow into. It would have been hard to imagine that we would be picturing raising our children in Boise, in our neighborhood, when we spent much of the former half of the year talking about places we might eventually move. It's hard to believe that my baby is already trying to sit up. After spending so much of my life wanting children of my own, I can't believe I now have one. He amazes me everyday, and we can't wait to see what 2009 has in store for him.

I believe very much in speaking our intentions. I believe in attracting in our life that which we seek. Tomorrow a post about my hopes and dreams for 2009, a year that I believe will bring us great fortune.

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