Friday, November 7, 2008

My past

I hope I've given the impression that I am a collector of my past. I am. I held onto everything, and I was sad to lose so much of what built my identity. I am still that person without that stuff, although I somehow feel as though I've lost some of me in the ashes.

Today I got a package from my mom with some of that stuff, some of my past. When I was deciding what I wanted from my mom's house when I moved out after college I left behind much. It was the stuff that wasn't as important. It's amazing how important it is to me now.

She sent me t-shirts. MY T-SHIRTS! There is something so comforting about an old shirt with holes and memories (see post on Clothes). I now have a few of those comforting feelings back and am writing this while wearing one of my shirts. (Oh how good it feels to write the word "my".) I can drop food on them or get stains on them and not feel like I'm "ruining my new clothes."

She found a yearbook from my freshman year of high school. Apparently I had an extra.

I got a book of poetry I wrote when I was 15, poems about love. As embarrassing as they are, I am so glad to have them (see post on Contents).

I received a Cabbage Patch doll. My collection now stands at two.

I got pictures: my Kindergarten class photo, my high school band photo.

I haven't even gotten through it all, but I am so excited to have this box. One box of my past. The amazing thing is that I had forgotten about all of this stuff, but I knew immediately what it was upon seeing just hints (like the orange three ring binder). What am I forgetting that was in my house?


  1. I was on Danielle's blog sites and saw your blog...the title enticed me to come and see it. One of my best childhood friends went out one day and came home to her house burned to the ground. Her 3 dogs were outside near a fence all alive and she rejoiced for that. I slowly went through photo albums and copied all the pics I could for her and sent her other things I knew she would need. It was so hard for her with 3 children and a lifetime of memories but she always said THINGS can be replaced...I am so thankful that our family and pets survived the fire. They rebuilt a beautiful home and made so many wonderful memories, as I am sure you will too.

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